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Vasco rossi

Italian love songs: Vasco Rossi "e" in english

13 April, 2020
Vasco Rossi is a legend in Italian music, and today we give you one of his softer songs, “e”. It’s a simple song, but full of emotion and regret. Above is the video of Vasco live in concert and after…

Vasco Rossi new album, video and Italian tour dates

6 April, 2020
Italy’s greatest rock legend, Vasco Rossi, is back with a new album and tour dates for this year. The Italian singer has tantalised fans with his new song on the radio, “Eh, già” and finally the new Vasco album Viviere…

Vasco Rossi's new single out

1 April, 2020
Fans have finally come to the end of their agonising wait for Vasco Rossi’s latest single “Il mondo che vorrei” (The world I’d like), recently released on radio in Italy. Vasco is the greatest singer-songwriter, without qualification, Italy has ever…

Italian music: English lyrics, Vasco Rossi vs Luciano Ligabue

23 March, 2020
Okay so once you’ve got past the strange choice of Queen’s “We will rock you”, this is a montage video comparing Vasco Rossi’s “Il mondo che vorrei” with Luciano Ligabue’s “Il centro del mondo” (or “The world I’d like” and…

Vasco Rossi new single: "Gioca con me"

22 March, 2020
People either love him or hate him but Vasco Rossi’s words “E allora dai gioca con me” (come on then play with me) will likely be the most heard on the radio, at Festivalbar and on music TV for summer…