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Vasco Rossi new single: "Gioca con me"

People either love him or hate him but Vasco Rossi’s words “E allora dai gioca con me” (come on then play with me) will likely be the most heard on the radio, at Festivalbar and on music TV for summer 2008.

If you’re ready to bet on this, Vasco usually arrives with a bang and after his latest single, “Il mondo che vorrei”, he’s getting serious.

Gioca con me” (Play with me), is the second single from his album and it’s been around the radio network for a few days now.
It’s a classic rock piece (from Slash) that half of Italy will hear in the stadiums around the country during the Vasco live 2008 tour.
The new single has more grunt and movement than the last that was destined to give a taste of the legend’s return.
From first listen, we reckon this will be the rock song of the summer, and we may even hear a house-dance remix before long.
Below is the song so you can decide for yourself – remember, Italian discos are not against playing rock.

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