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Video: Eros Ramazzotti sings new single Controvento

23 April, 2020
In this video Eros Ramazzotti performs his new song, Controvento, on the Miss Italy Italian television contest. The song is part of the new Ramazzotti album, Ali e radici (wings and roots). It’s a love song in true Ramazzotti style,…

Tiziano Ferro's new video "Alla Mia Età"

22 April, 2020
Tiziano Ferro’s new video “Alla mia età” or At My Age seems to repeat the same story over and over again. Dark atmospheres, a dingy flat, someone with an aching heart and tears flowing like red wine; these, after all,…

Sting and Symphonicity tour in Italy

21 April, 2020
Sting’s Symphonicity world tour will be in Italy in November, with appearances in Rome starting from November 10. It’s a prime opportunity to hear some of Sting’s best known tracks in a symphonic take as he appears with the Royal…

Miodio, video of "It's Ok" single with Valeria Marini

20 April, 2020
Miodio is a band from San Marino dedicated to electro-pop rock music. Last spring they were invited to represent San Marino at the Eurofestival 2008 where, nobody knows how, they came last.Showing that the last place gained didn’t signal an…

Monetine: Daniele Silvestri's new album

20 April, 2020
Daniele Silvestri’s new single Monetine has just been released. Don’t worry, it’s just a taste of what’s really in store for Silvestri’s lovers: a new double album that will be out in May, just a year after his last one.…

Italian singers: Tiziano Ferro interview

19 April, 2020
Here is an extract from an interview with Tiziano Ferro, published in Milan’s Corriere newspaper, a few days before Tiziano Ferro debuts his Tour 2009. The interview, by journalist Andrea Laffranchi, touches on many topics including Italy’s music scene today,…

Giusy Ferreri's new single "Novembre"

19 April, 2020
The big news is that Giusy Ferreri’s new single ‘ Novembre’ or November is out. As for the video, I’m afraid we’ll have to wait a little bit longer, but you can always try the video below, it was posted…

Arena Opera festival opens for summer Verona opera season

19 April, 2020
In 1913 the famous tenor from Verona, Giovanni Zenatello, visited the Arena in Verona with some friends, and for some improvised fun, sang an operatic aria. Zenatello and the group were surprised by the incredible acoustics in the 2,000 year-old…

English lyrics "Ti amo" Umberto Tozzi

17 April, 2020
This is pure 1980’s Italian rock. Italian singer songwriter legend Umberto Tozzi sings live “Ti amo” in a rock anthem style. Below is an extract of the lyrics in English. This is one to sing along to. Enjoy.Umberto Tozzi “Ti…

Italy returns to 2011 Eurovision Song Contest

17 April, 2020
Italy will be back at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest after a 13-year absence from the competition. Given that RAI television has gained the rights to screen the contest, Italy has the opportunity to enter a team in Europe’s famous…