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Tiziano Ferro's new video "Alla Mia Età"

Tiziano Ferro’s new videoAlla mia età” or At My Age seems to repeat the same story over and over again.
Dark atmospheres, a dingy flat, someone with an aching heart and tears flowing like red wine; these, after all, have always been the key ingredients of all his videos which people undeniably love.

His latest single has just rocketed up the iTunes charts and his concerts around the world usually sell out in record time, though he has a long list of denigrators as well.
But we are not here to take sides, so push the virtual button here below and enjoy Mr Ferro’s new smashing hit!Tracklist:1 – La tua vita non passerà or Your Life won’t go away2 – Alla mia età or At My Age3 – Il sole esiste per tutti or The Sun is there for all of us4 – Indietro or Back5 – Il regalo più grande The Greatest Gift6 – Il tempo stesso or Time itself7 – La paura non esiste or Fear doesn’t exist8 – La traversata dell’estate or Passing Through Summer9 – Scivoli di nuovo or Slipping again10- Assurdo pensare or Absurd To Think11- Per un po’ sparirò or I’ll be gone for a while12- Fotografie della tua assenza or Pictures of Your AbsenceBonus track: Breathe gentle

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