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Tiziano ferro

Tiziano Ferro's new video "Alla Mia Età"

22 April, 2020
Tiziano Ferro’s new video “Alla mia età” or At My Age seems to repeat the same story over and over again. Dark atmospheres, a dingy flat, someone with an aching heart and tears flowing like red wine; these, after all,…

Italian singers: Tiziano Ferro interview

19 April, 2020
Here is an extract from an interview with Tiziano Ferro, published in Milan’s Corriere newspaper, a few days before Tiziano Ferro debuts his Tour 2009. The interview, by journalist Andrea Laffranchi, touches on many topics including Italy’s music scene today,…

Tiziano Ferro enters World Chart at number 17

17 April, 2020
Italian music is rocketing up the World Chart thanks to Gigi d’Alessio, Boccelli, Biagio Antonacci and above all Tiziano Ferro whose new album Alla mia età has entered the chart at number 17 with 75,000 copies sold. Actually the album…

Italian love songs: English lyrics to Perdono by Tiziano Ferro

16 April, 2020
This is a kind of semi-rap piece from Tiziano Ferro, taken from R Kelly’s “Did you ever think”, which has been successful around the world. Below is the translation of “Perdono” or “Forgive”.PerdonoTiziano FerroPerdono… si quel che è fatto è…

Tiziano Ferr0's new video "Il sole esiste per tutti"

15 April, 2020
2009 has been a great year for Italian singer Tiziano Ferro; his latest album has sold millions of copies across the world and his tour has been an authentic triumph; the Olympic stadium in Rome, for instance, was filled to…

Tiziano Ferro enjoys gay night-life in Milan

3 April, 2020
Since breaking the bombshell news that he’s gay, Tiziano Ferro is enjoying the life he has always dreamed of, becoming a fixture on the international gay scene! Rumours are also afoot that the Italian singer who has sold millions of…

Tiziano Ferro 's performance on the NPDV show

30 March, 2020
Just a few days ago Tiziano Ferro made an appearance on an Italian show called Non perdiamoci di Vista; the famous singer duetted with the host of the show, Paola Cortellesi. Together they sang and above all danced to The…

Giusy Ferreri's single "Non ti scordar mai di me"

26 March, 2020
Giusy Ferreri got only second place on the famous X Factor contest show, right behind Aram Quartet, but even if victory eluded her she has so much talent that the audience seems to love anything she sings. Her Amy Winehouse…

Giusy Ferreri 's "Stai fermo lì" , the video

26 March, 2020
Here’s the video of Giusy Ferreri’s new single Stai fermo lì or Stay right there from Gaetana, the successful album the singer released just a few months ago. The song written by Tiziano Ferro delivers just the right measure of…

Tiziano Ferro comes out of the closet

21 March, 2020
In an interview with Vanity Fair Italia, Tiziano Ferro talked about his sexuality. For the first time the popular singer poured his heart out to his fans, confronting his homosexuality and talking about his desire (after all these long years…