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Video: Eros Ramazzotti sings new single Controvento

In this video Eros Ramazzotti performs his new song, Controvento, on the Miss Italy Italian television contest.
The song is part of the new Ramazzotti album, Ali e radici (wings and roots).
It’s a love song in true Ramazzotti style, filled with pathos.

After the jump is the new Ramazzotti song chorus in English.

Controvento, Eros RamazzottiI wanted to tell you that everything was about to endBut there are words that one can’t manage to get outI wanted to tell you about when you were no longer enoughBecause more than one night, coming home, I lost the keysTo open you to me, to open you to, and I withdrew ever further.

Ti volevo dire che tutto sta per finireMa ci sono parole che poi non riescono a uscireTi volevo dire di quando non mi bastaviPerché più di una notte rientrando ho perso le chiaviPer aprirmi a te, Per aprirmi a te, e mi sono sempre più rinchiuso in me.

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