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Eros ramazzotti

Video: Eros Ramazzotti sings new single Controvento

23 April, 2020
In this video Eros Ramazzotti performs his new song, Controvento, on the Miss Italy Italian television contest. The song is part of the new Ramazzotti album, Ali e radici (wings and roots). It’s a love song in true Ramazzotti style,…

Veteran Italian showgirl Michelle Hunziker for Vanity Fair

16 April, 2020
Italian show girl and ex-wife to Eros Ramazzotti, Michelle Hunziker is neither old nor unattractive, but since she’s been on Italian television since 1996 at the age of 21, we figure she deserves the title “veteran” for her long-term experience…

Eros Ramazzotti secretly married?

13 April, 2020
Reports are out that Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli were secretly married in Milan. According to Star+Tv magazine the couple who got married at Milan city hall was accompanied by two close friends who acted respectively as best…

Italian love songs: "Più bella cosa" from Eros Ramazzotti

12 April, 2020
With his distinctive voice and long career Eros Ramazzotti has become a big name in Italian music, and here he sings “Più bella cosa” (The most beautiful thing) from 1996.Più bella cosaEros Ramazzotti 1996Ci vuole passione con tenon deve mancare…

Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti to welcome second child

12 April, 2020
According to Oggi magazine, Eros Ramazzotti’s girlfriend model Marica Pellegrinelli is expecting a baby. As many of you know the singer has another child from his former wife, actress Michelle Hunziker. After a stormy divorce and years of loneliness, Eros…

Eros Ramazzotti to marry girlfriend Marica Pellegrinelli

8 April, 2020
According to Gente magazine, one of Italy’s most popular gossip magazines, Eros Ramazzotti will soon marry his girlfriend Marica Pellegrinelli. The couple is expecting their first child together, but as you know the Italian singer has another child from his…

Eros Ramazzotti's new single "Parla con me"

4 April, 2020
Eros Ramazzotti’s new album Ali e Radici or Wings and Roots will be released on 22 May. In the meanwhile you can listen to Ramazzotti’s new single called Parla con me or Talk to Me. The song is quite catchy…

Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti relaxing in Miami

24 March, 2020
Eros Ramazzotti was snapped while relaxing in a hotel in Miami! The Italian singer who held a recital at the L. Knight Center just a few days ago still looks gorgeous (he’s pushing fifty) but if I were him I…