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Volkswagen jetta

European Volkswagen Jetta revealed

24 April, 2020
The European Volkswagen Jetta, released yesterday, shows only slight differences on the outside to the US-spec model, but has a brand new Jetta engine line-up for Europe and an improved suspension system. The Jetta has had mixed success in the…

Volkswagen Jetta commercial pokes fun at motorcyclists

24 April, 2020
The video starts like a low budget wannabe remake of the movie Wild Hogs, instead it’s a car commercial for Volkswagen’s Jetta and naturally the German manufacturer has to poke fun at motorcycle riders.The theme is that riding a motorcycle…

No Volkswagen Polo sedan for US

22 April, 2020
Given that the US is currently undergoing a love-affair with the newly released Volkswagen Jetta, there probably won’t be too much disappointment that the Volkswagen Polo sedan will unlikely get a stateside debut. Volkswagen is steadily shoring-up its US market…

30 years of the Volkswagen Jetta

19 April, 2020
In honour of the 30th birthday of the Volkswagen Jetta, here’s a historic Jetta gallery which shows the model that was originally designed back in 1979 by Italian Giorgetto Giugiaro. While the smaller car has never been particularly successful in…