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30 years of the Volkswagen Jetta

In honour of the 30th birthday of the Volkswagen Jetta, here’s a historic Jetta gallery which shows the model that was originally designed back in 1979 by Italian Giorgetto Giugiaro.
While the smaller car has never been particularly successful in Europe, it is the all-time most sold Volkswagen in the US.

The first generation Jetta A1 gave way to the Jetta A2 in 1984, with a wider range of engine options including the 1.
3 litre at 54hp, the 1.
6-litre at 73 hp and the 1.
6 litre diesel at 54hp.

There was also a turbo diesel with 69 hp and sports versions GT and GTI.
These versions had 87 and 110 hp according to the engine, and even a 136hp 1.
8-litre 16V.
The Jetta A2 lasted until 1991 when it was re-designed, and in Europe given the new name of Vento.
Classic volkswagen design (although perhaps a little anonymous) is evident, but the engine range was valid and the car proved to be a practical option.
It disappeared off sales however, in 1997, and was renamed again with “Bora”.
It introduced the station wagon version, called “Variant” and showed elements of Golf and Passat design.

The Jetta is now in its fifth edition, and still selling strongly in the US with more than seven million sold in 30 years.
It has a SportWagon family version, and the sports GLI equipped with a 2.
0-litre TSI with 200 hp.

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