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Coldest Place on Earth – The Most Hostile Places to Live

Coldest Place on Earth

The heat we breathe in summer sometimes makes us want winter. And punctually, as soon as the cold peeps out, we yearn for the heat. However, one thing is sure. There are places where things are worse, since you can’t choose between hot and cold.

They are the 10 coldest place on Earth.

High Coyahique, Patagonia

On the border between Argentina and Chile, in Patagonia, in 2002 the thermometers marked -34.6°F. This temperature, officially recorded by the Direccion Meteorologica de Chile, represents a record in South America.

Minsk, Belarus

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Minsk was -40°F in January 1940. The continental climate in general causes in the Belarusian city frosty winters with an average temperature below -4°F.

Eureka, Canada

This small settlement on the Island of Ellesmere in Northern Canada has a population of just over 10 during the winter months. There is only one military base and one research station on the territory. This is because average winter temperatures are below -4°F degrees with peaks of -40°F.

Ulan Bator, Mongolia

The Mongolian capital is characterized by a sub-Arctic climate. It is too far from the sea to enjoy the mitigating winds: the record is -56.2°F, but in general in winter the thermometer drops below -13°F!


According to tradition, Lapland, and especially the city of Rovaniemi, is associated with Santa Claus. In January 1999 the thermometer reached -58°F – poor reindeer!

Astana, Kazakhstan

This city of Kazakhstan, which since 1997 has become the first town in the country instead of Almaty by the will of Nazarbayev, boasts the record of the coldest capital in the world. In winter, temperatures in this part of the Central Asian steppe reach -31°F, although recently a temperature of -60.9°F has been recorded.

Summit, Greenland

Greenland is only partially affected by the warm Gulf Stream. However, this factor is not sufficient to avoid abrupt negative temperature peaks. This is the case, for example, with the record cold of -88.1°F in the winter of 2007 at Summit, at an altitude of 3200 metres on the ice island.

Prospect Creek, Alaska

The lowest temperature ever experienced in the United States is -79.8°F at Prospect Creek in 1979. This scientific base in Alaska is also rich in mineral deposits, but at the moment no one but a few researchers has had the courage to go for a ride.

Vostok, Antartica

In 1957 the Russians founded the Vostok base in Antarctica. It is the place with the lowest annual average temperature on the planet: -67.5 °F. Just think that the hottest month, December, has temperatures below -22°F.

Oymyakon, Jacuzia – The Coldest Place on Earth

Since 1926, when the village suffered from frost at -90.8°F, the situation has not changed. The village of Oymyakon, an agglomeration of about 800 inhabitants in Eastern Siberia, is connected to the rest of the world by a road called the “Road of Bones”. With good reason this small town in Jacuzia can be elected the coldest place on Earth.

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