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This Wolves Shelter Allows You to Sleep Surrounded by Wild Nature

wolves shelter

In Bosnia you can sleep in the mountains with wild nature around inside a wolves shelter. Its name is Vukov Konak, which literally means “wolf-in”. This lodge was born more than 100 years ago and even witnessed the war in Sarajevo in 1992.

Today, however, it symbolises the peace that reigns in the Bosnian mountains, about 18km from the capital, offering one of the most spectacular and unspoilt landscapes in the country.

Why Create a Wolves Shelter?

The name comes from the same village where it is located, Vučja Luka (wolf harbour).

There were many wolves here in the past. That is why a Bosnian-Finnish family decided to build a guesthouse in their honour. Here they welcome visitors who feel a bit like wolves inside, in a way.

This animal evokes a warrior spirit of protection and support. Consequently it has an important power people can invoke when they feel lost and want to give their life a new direction. The idea of facing the forest, in fact, represents facing the deepest fears, which however allow us to live.

And the forest, which embraces the mountains of Vukov Konak, is also the background to the desire to make a drastic change. A stay in this place in fact allows you to travel first of all within yourself, learning to appreciate simple things. There are only streams and mountains here. There is no internet, TV or all the comforts we are used to. So it’s digital detox for all intents and purposes – disconnecting wi-fi to connect with nature.

Contact with Nature

Those who want to try this experience will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature. In particular, they will surround themselves with various animals. In the guesthouse, in fact, there are also cows and chickens, which generate the products that the family of owners cook for their guests. They can also taste the delicious fish caught by the river that flows near the house. Not to mention the possibility to explore the surrounding mountains and enjoy breathtaking views. Genuine food and unspoilt landscape – what could be better?

It’s a great experience if you are looking for an adventure. After all, sometimes it is necessary to leave the chaos of the city or work. Or you may also want to give less value to material things. If that’s the case, here you can appreciate the simplicity and the landscape in front of you. In a place like this, in fact, the only problem you will have to face during the course of the day will be choosing which book to read. If you find yourself in these desires, then this wolves shelter is definitely the place for you!

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