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Covid: Trump suggests to inject disinfectant and use sunlight’s power

Covid, inject disinfectant and the power of sunlight are Trump's suggestions to kill the virus.

Covid: trump suggests to inject disinfectant
injecting disifnectant and using the power of sunlight are trump's suggestions

Donald Trump who previously was a businessman by training and trade and then become US Presiden, suggesting to inject disinfectant into the bodies of humans to kill the virus and cure the patients of Covid. Then add sunlight to kills the deadly virus.

Covid: Trump suggests to inject disinfectant

A senior health official later said federal laboratories are not considering or trying to develop such a treatment option. The president, appearing to go off his prepared opening remarks, made this declaration: “We’re very close to a vaccine”. Anthony Fauci, his top infectious disease official, has said such a drug will be in development for up to 18 months. He has told the president in public meetings that one full year from the start of vaccine development, which began in March, would be the fastest one could be safely deployed.

Mr. Fauci also told it could be possible to “shave” a few months off the development of a vaccine, but he cautioned against giving scientific processes too little time to ensure a drug would work and be safe. He told Time that “we need to significantly ramp up not only the number of tests, but the capacity to perform them so that you don’t have a situation where you have a test but it can’t be done because there isn’t a swab, or because there aren’t extraction media, or not the right vial. I am not overly confident right now, at all, that we have what it takes to do that. We are doing better, and I think we are going to get there, but we are not there yet.”

Mr. Trump responded .“No, I don’t agree with him on that. I think we are doing a grab job on testing. If he said that, I don’t agree with him.” But hours later, Mr. Trump repeated his glowing assessment of his administration’s record on Covid-19 testing kits, even though Democratic congressional leaders, some Democratic governors in hard-hit states, and even some GOP state leaders are still begging him to do more to get more testing units into their hands.

The president said that they are doing very well in testing, “we have tested far more than anyone else in the world and within a short period of time”. Public health officials say the US is testing about 150,000 people per day; they estimate that figure needs to be closer to 500,000 each day. William Bryan, a senior Homeland Security official, said a recent study showed summer-level solar waves can slash an 18-hour half-life for Covid-19 into a 1-hour half-life. But Deborah Birx, one of Mr. Trump’s Covid-19 task force members, disagreed that the sun’s rays could be used to help virus victims, saying: “Not as a treatment.”

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