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Covid, Australia reports record case rise

Australia officially reported a record daily case rise as the state of Victoria registered more than 700 new cases and 13 deaths.

Australia covid record rise
Australia reported record case rise

After the state of Victoria earlier announced more than 700 new cases and 13 deaths, Australia officially reported a record daily case rise. Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, announced 723 new Covid cases today marking a huge increase in Australian statistics.

Australia has reported a record rise in infections

The state was already struggling with Covid outbreaks among the healthcare workers and in aged care homes. Ten of the 13 deaths registered were in fact connected to aged care homes. In response to the record rise, people living in south-west Melbourne will not be able to receive visitors at home. Andrews has also announced face masks will be mandatory for the state of Victoria.

The state of New South Wales has also confirmed 18 new cases and in the state of Queensland two teenagers, infected with the virus, have dodged quarantine possibly creating another Covid outbreak in the state. They will now face court, while the country is preparing for the worst. The second wave has indeed hit Australia hard. Only this month the country has registered 7,000 cases after the outbreak in Melbourne, which is 95% of the country’s total cases in the second surge of Covid. Last week government confirmed infected people breaking quarantine rules were contributing to spreading the pandemic. Premier Daniel Andrews announced:

“If you’ve got symptoms, the only thing you can do is get tested” “You just can’t go to work. Because all you’ll be doing is spreading the virus.”

The latest figures registered in the state of Victoria mean Melbourne’s lockdown will probably be extended. Meanwhile, authorities are trying to get people with symptoms to stay home and get tested.


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