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WSBK Monza: Wire tap exposes pre-existent asphalt problems

We have already mentioned that the Monza Circuit and the World Superbike’s 4th round debacle is being investigated by the Italian authorities for safety violations during the weekend in a still larger investigation that includes bid rigging, presumed tax fraud and other juicy little things that seems to have become normal of late for companies in Italy.

Sias Spa who runs the activities at the Autodromo has temporarily suspended any type of motorcyle racing at the circuit while the circuit’s ’safety conditions are restored’.
In a press release issued yesterday, Sias apologized to everyone involved in that World Superbike weekend, fans, riders, organizers and also apologized for the 50 odd ‘bubbles’ that came out on the asphalt due to a supposed defect in the drainage system that may have caused safety issues to the riders.

Why is Sias apologizing after more than two months after the fact? Because they, like everyone else found out the Circuit directors knew before the race how the surface conditions were, but kept everything hush hush, until the crashes occured at the Parabolica.
The proof is the publication of several conversations that the public investigators wire-tapped (they were looking for more damning evidence) between technical director Beghella Bartoli who informed General Director Enrico Ferrari of the situation, which is now become public knowledge.

Here’s the translation of the transcript of four conversations, before the race and on race day (or the smoking gun if you prefer).
Thursday May 3rd – 7:27pm Beghella: I’m really worried about the condition of the asphalt at the Parabolica.
Ferrar’ : What’s wrong?Beghella: It’s coming up!Ferrari: At the Parabolica?Beghella: There are two bubbles in the middle of the turn .
keep it to yourself, shut up about it!Ferrari: certainly… I’m not crazy … why did it happen?Ferrari: I went there … it’s also soft … boh… we’ll see tomorrow when the temperature is lower … before there wasn’t anything … there wasn’t anything … it’s phenomenon like we had in the run-off at the VarianteFerrari: I see …Beghella: but … I walked on it … and pressed it with my feet … it went down … but it came up again after a while … so when the asphalt bubbles it could mean two things …Ferrari: like an air bubble … a water bubbleBeghella: no there’s something now, tomorrow …we’ve already called …(not understandable)Ferrari: Is it on the racing line?Beghella : yes it’s enough on the racing line …Ferrari: we did the motorcycles and no one said anythingBeghella: no we won’t say anthing, this came out with the temperature … we have to see tomorrow morning because I think it can’t be seen there … and because the temperature is lower … and if on Sunday there isn’t any sunshineFerrari: not even on SaturdayBeghella: Right … if the temperature is lower whe should be okay and then on Monday we’ll see what we can doFerrari: I understandBeghella: (not understandable) …come tomorrowvFerrari: I understand … okayBeghella: NightFriday May 4th – 8:00 amBeghella: Hello? What’s the situation:Tremolada Stefano: … this morning, better, better, in the sense that ….
they aren’t bubbled up and are flatter to the ground …Beghella: Now I’m going down … can I?Tremolada: I do not know, because I saw from this side that they closed the gates, I’m going to camping grounds, I rode around a couple of time and I think it’s OK … but I didn’t stop very long … I say it … so no one notices something strange … someone who …Beghella: Sure, sure, no, no that is ….
so it’s pointless for me to go thereTremolada: no Sunday May 6th 12:19 pmBeghella: Yes?Tremolada: Are you here by chance?Beghella: No, I’ve already leftTremolada: Ah!Beghella: Is it coming up?Tremolada: No, three crashed in the same place … and now they’re probably checking ….
and if the problem pops up?Beghella: Where?Tremolada : There! The problem could turn up!Beghella: Fuck!…Tremolada: The problem will come out!Beghella: But can you see it?Tremolada: I think so, I this morning … this morning it wasn’t there was, but the temperature rose suddenlyBeghella: Yes, I saw, I saw …Tremolada: So now they are evaluating, are considering ….
they are looking around, they’ve stopped carBeghella: But who is looking?Tremolada: I think Eškinja and Carloia .
Beghella: I don’t know Eškinja, maybe … CarloiaTremolada: He did the inspection!Beghella: Eh …Tremolada: He did the SMI inspectionBeghella: Ah, okay, … I don’t think they understand much…Tremolada: And yet …Beghella: Unless … really … it’s not …Tremolada: When I know something I’ll get back to you… so we’ll see …Beghella: Ok, thanks Stefano May 6th – 12:21 pm Beghella: Yes?Tremolada: They called me to the Race Direction – I’m going to hear what they have to say.
Beghella: Yes, Stefano, Stefano, eventually we could say that we discovered it now eh … you reveal that those thing go down, and we’ll push them down with some weights it’s the only thing we can do … but if they don’t say anything…Tremolada: No, I won’t say anything …Beghella: You shut up, eh .
shut up ,… and then call me okay?Tremolada: Okay, without a doubt

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