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Two BMW HP2 Sport in the first six places of the 200 miles Daytona

Excellent results for Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport, which closed the famous Daytona 200 miles race with riders Richard Cooper and Brian Parriott coming in at 5th and 6th places in the “Extreme” category.
The two riders at the wheel of the HP2 Sports had a few unexpected stops, with Parriott even falling at one stage, but both brought home the race with interesting results.

Rico Penzkofer was hit from behind on the final lap and falling, took out his team-mate Cooper, with him.
After the fall Rico was not in shape to continue and retired from the race.
Nate Kern fell during the morning’s warm-up, injuring his right hand but tried to continue the race.

The injury however compromised his sensivity to control accelleration and consigned him to retire after only one lap.
The race was won by Chaz Davies, after Joshua Hayes was disqualified due to technical irregularities.
Following are the riders’ comments and the final ranking.
Richard Cooper: “I can’t tell you how surprised, but happy I am at this result.
It’s the fourth time I’ve raced at Daytona and every time I’ve been unlucky.

On the first lap I was almost hitting Rico.
I braked hard and avoided him but it was a close call! During the race I relaxed and fortunately had no further problems.
The aim was to be ranked in the first 15 but I was convinced I could arrive in the first ten.
Arriving 5th is a great success.
The Team has worked really hard, the bike was a dream and during the stops we were also perfect.
”Brian Parriot: “It was a race full of events, starting with an accident on the first lap! The tyres probably weren’t yet warmed up.
I lost control of the rear while also finding myself catupulted over the front, falling.
I righted the bike, checked that the gear levers were in the right place and started again.
I was lucky because just after the safety car appear and I was able to recoup lost ground.
The rest of the race was positive, the bike was really going well.
Before the race I thought the top ten could be in our reach, sixth place awards the hard work of the team.
”Rico Penzkofer: “I’m disappointed by the accident.
I was hit from behind – there are marks on the rear of the bike – and so I wasn’t able to control the bike and fell.
In any case the team worked really hard and has taken home an excellent result.
200 mile Daytona ranking:1.
Chaz Davies, Kawasaki, 69 tours2.
Steve Rapp, Kawasaki, 69 tours3.
Larry Pegram, Ducati, 68 tours4.
Martin Cardenas, Suzuki, 68 tours5.
Richard Cooper, BMW Motorrad Motorsport, 67 tours6.
Brian Parriott, BMW Motorrad Motorsport, 67 tours7.
Bobby Fong, Suzuki, 67 tours8.
Bostjan Skubic, Yamaha, 67 tours9.
Steve Atlas, Honda, 66 tours

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