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Nissan Juke-R: more info and live pics

Nissan spokespeople have always been quite clear on the matter: there are absolutely no plans for the Juke-R to enter the market in any form.
It is just a show car, an exercise in style combining Juke’s chassis with GT-R’s outstanding engine, but it is and will remain a prototype, just like the equally crazy Micra 350SR.

Alright then, but apparently some wealthy Nissan customer has already contacted the Japanese carmaker to verify the actual possibilities of getting their hands on one, waving a blank cheque.
It is not difficult to understand why some people had their mouths watering in front of this naughty Juke, but Nissan confirmed that only 2 units will be made: one right and one left hand drive.

The Juke-R that made a surprise appearance in Malaga a few days ago isn’t even the definitive version as the car will need a further 6 months testing in order to develop handling and road behaviour.
This is also the reason why Nissan hasn’t even revealed the weight of the car: they are still working on it.

The Juke-R uses the twin turbo 3.
8 litres V6 engine of the GT-R mated with dual clutch transmission.
Nissan engineers are currently working on a 485 hp configuration in order to tweak the interactions among engine, transmission and four wheel drive, in view of the future 530 hp and 560hp power steps.
The project got started about 5 months ago and is developed alongside motorsport expert Ray Mallock Ltd.
Check out the latest pictures in our photo gallery.
View the full Nissan Juke R photo gallery

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