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Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

TopGear has just published some pictures – obtained on Luxury4play.
com forum – showing a dusty Ferrari Enzo which has been ditched in the desert heat of Dubai.
Apparently, the car was dropped in a police impound lot of the Arabian city, exposed to both sand and heat, conditions that surely won’t do the Enzo any good.

Although this is a very sad sight, it is nothing new.
It is reported that many other abandoned luxurios cars are spread all across the Middle East, left to their own destiny.
Rumor has it that, in the wake of the economic crisis, more and more foreign supercar buyers just could not fulfill their obligations to local dealers anymore – possibly because of failed business ventures or real estate deals gone bad – and preferred to flee the country rather than having to face the consequences of their wrongdoing.

No more details or official figures about this sad phenomenon are currently available.

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