Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Amatriain form Team 99

Jorge Lorenzo and his manager Dani Amatriain are back together to form Team 99, having split in 2008.

Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Amatriain
Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Amatriain

The reigning World Champion, Jorge Lorenzo, forgave his former manager Dani Amatriain (he was his manager for eleven years before Marcos Hirsch and Albert Valera).

Jorge Lorenzo back with Dani Amatriain to form Team 99

Many may remember that Lorenzo and Amatriain split pretty acrimoniously towards the end of 2008 because the Spanish manager had a substance abuse problem that turned him into a train wreck, that included harassing his former clients – In 2009 Dani Amatriain was arrested after a series of death threats against his former riders.

In 2013, Dani Amatrian pulled his act together after a stint in rehab. He returned to the racing scene and Lorenzo agreed to team up with him to form Team 99. They field three budding riders to compete in the Spanish Cup in the 80cc class. The competitors in their team in this championship were Gino Navarro, Alex Toledo, and Iker Vera. During that same year (2013) Jorge Lorenzo took part in Mugello, which required lots of training and practice. With this said, he still wanted to sponsor Team 99. Jorge Lorenzo was so young yet so wise, compassionate, and hard-working. That year the rider turned 26 years old and Jerez de la Frontera dedicated a corner to Jorge Lorenzo. This Spanish city will have seen all of his great characteristics and massive talent. They are proud that he is of their same Spanish blood and that he has conquered the world of motorcycle racing.

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