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Volvo votes Paris naughty capital of Europe

9 April, 2020
I really want to see the behind the scenes video of this effort from Volvo. The good looking and driving Volvo S60 is at the centre of a curious marketing campaign that sees Volvo uncover which European capital (out of…

Volvo V40: more pictures and info

30 March, 2020
The new Volvo V40 that will be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show is the first car from the Swedish manufacturer that is made accordingly to their new, human-centric “designed around you” strategy. This philosophy uses elements such as…

Volvo C30 Efficiency – below 4.5 l/100km

21 March, 2020
Volvo has announced the C30 Efficiency, a new version of its hatchback with lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: less than 4.5 l/100 km and 120 g/km on average.The C30 Efficiency needs 0.4 l/100 km less than the normal C30…

Detroit 2009: Volvo S60 Concept

14 March, 2020
Here are the first official shots of the Volvo S60 Concept which will debut at the next Detroit auto show and will likely steal the spotlight from other sedans present. The S60 concept marks a significant step forward in design…