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Covid: in the UK is generating inflammatory syndromes in many children

The number of children developing coronavirus-related inflammatory syndrome is increasing: the alarm of UK doctors.

Covid children UK
the number of children with covid-related inflammatory syndrome is increasing

The doctors’ alarm is based on research published by the Health Service Journal. In recent weeks, in the UK, there has been an increase in children with Covid related inflammatory syndrome. The number of children admitted to hospitals in the last 3 weeks is also increasing. Some of them would have tested positive for coronavirus, while others, positive but healed, would have developed syndromes that need specific care. Although the number of children affected is still relatively low and the category of children is low-risk, the HSJ statements should be taken into account.

Coronavirus in the UK: children alarm

Although the children are, according to the experts, less affected by the Covid-19, they could be virus diffusers. In addition, in the UK many children have developed an inflammatory syndrome after or during their positivity to the new infection caused by Covid. All this led doctors to raise an alarm also on the basis of the considerations of a circular published in the Health Service Journal.

A number of North London primary physicians have spoken of inflammation of blood vessels: to this end, therefore, it has been recommended that children who might have these symptoms be urgently referred to. Then, on the evening of Sunday, April 26th, the Pediatric Intensive Care Society issued a notice containing the same provisions and the same urgent warnings.

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