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Can the fear of success have an impact your self-confidence?

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There is the hidden inner fear of succeeding, being afraid of hitting success big time. You can only imagine what comes with huge success. There is money and a need to manage it. You may purchase more valuable possessions, they will also need managing. With your success comes added responsibility, more people listening to what you have to say, more people following your advice, you become more influential. It is hardly surprising you get cautious along the way and start asking questions, ‘Do I really want all that responsibility?’ ‘What if it becomes too stressful?’ ‘Just a little success will do!’ With those self-imposed limitations you won’t achieve breakthrough success, instead you’ll stop somewhere on the way and no matter what effort you into it, nothing will happen.

Your subconscious has decided to sabotage the whole process and that’s the end of that. Your subconscious controls your whole life. How does this situation impact your selfconfidence? It impacts it in a very negative way. You stop believing in yourself and come to false conclusions about your mediocrity, insufficient capabilities, weaknesses, etc. If you believe you don’t have it in you to think big, don’t despair. Take tiny steps towards your goal and get used to success gradually. By the time you have reached your dream level of success, you will have become accustomed to it and be able to handle it comfortably.

Any success will boost your selfconfidence, no matter how huge or tiny, enjoy and celebrate each success. Be inspired and motivated with a varied menu of one-to-one or group coaching, on-line courses or any combination that suits you to achieve your success. It is my vision that everyone shall become the very best version of themselves and I believe to do this, you must begin to transform yourself. Beginning with the fundamentals – loving, respecting and trusting yourself. Without those three fundamental things nothing in your life will change. My perception of success is being able to intuitively coach individuals so they not only discover what it is they are looking for, but achieve it.

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