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Clarisonic skin care brush: the facts

© (Flickr) Clarisonic skin care brush: The Facts
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How it Works
The Clarisonic skin care brush uses gentle, vibrating brushes that remove dirt, oil, and dead skin from the surface of the skin. The brushes vibrate at 300 cycles per second, working with the natural elasticity of our skin to clean and exfoliate it. The Clarisonic is re-chargeable, cordless and waterproof. It is convenient to use while bathing and easily transportable. The Clarisonic skin care system is designed to be gentle enough to use even on sensitive skin, up to twice per day. To use the Clarisonic, the skin is first wet with water, and cleanser applied to the brushes. The skin is cleansed by moving the brushes in a circular motion around the facial area. Cleaning of the face is completed in about one minute.
Benefits of Clarisonic Skin Care Brush
The vibrating action of the Clarisonic skin care brush removes significantly more dirt and residue than standard manual washing. The pores in the skin are thus able to breath freely after using the product. The Clarisonic is highly effective when used with moisturisers or other skin care products, since these creams or liquids can readily penetrate the exfoliated skin tissue. Using the Clarisonic skin care brush can eliminate excessively oily skin or dry patches, because it helps the skin reduce its dead skin build-up. It can also reduce the signs of ageing, including fine lines and creases. Some users of the Clarisonic cleaning system report reduction in acne, blemishes, pore size, white heads and black heads.
Potential Problems with Clarisonic
Few serious problems are reported with the Clarisonic skin care brush. Certain individuals with extra sensitive skin have reported problems using the Clarisonic, however. For example, some people experienced a breakout of rash or pimples after using the product. Some people also do not see a benefit from using the Clarisonic brush, despite its increased cost over traditional cleaning methods.

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