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How to apply make up professionally?

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Beauty knows no price
The first rule of makeup application should be ‘expensive products are only as good as the hand that applies it’. Meaning that expensive products do not make for a more professional make up application. Rather, it is how the make up on the face is applied which gives this desired result.

While some products are recommended by professionals, such as mac make up, other brands are equally as good at recreating the effect that a more professional product can create.

The most important part of learning how to put on makeup is a clean face. After cleansing, toning and moisturising, use a face primer to ‘prep’ the skin. Then begin by applying foundation to the face, moving in circular motions, depending on whether you use liquid or mineral makeup foundation, this could create a heavier more ‘finished’ result or a more natural look to the facial makeup. Make sure to smoothe around the nose as makeup can tend to look obvious if it ‘clings’ to the skin or creates a smudged effect.
The eyes have it
Asides from the face, eye makeup is the next vital step to getting a professional make up look. Begin by brushing the brow, as eyes which have unruly brows will ruin the immaculate look you’re after. Top eye make up tips revolve around how to apply eyeshadow properly and how to make the most of your beauty and make up and enhancing make up around eyes can look enticing and give a professional make up look. Using shadow makeup such as a dark eyeshadow around the eyes, in a shade of blue or black will give a dramatic look. Whilst using an eyeliner in purple helps to make the lashes look longer. Mac eyes’ products tend to glide on easily and are recommended by professionals, so it might be worth investing in a few stock products so you always have these to hand. Check out one of the thousands of professional makeup blogs on the internet for advice in recreating makeup looks using these products. Finish the face with a blusher which is close to your skin tone. Pink will suit paler tones of skin, while beige skin is given a golden effect with the help of a bronzer.

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