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The benefits of a sleeping mask for the eyes

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Why use a sleeping mask?
Importance of a sleeping mask
The primary focus of an eye mask is to block out the light, in order to trick the body into believing that it is time to sleep.
This allows you to relax and go to sleep faster and stay asleep, even during daylight.

Jet lag
Frequent travellers know how awful jet lag can be, especially if you find yourself in a time zone outside of your own.

Sleeping in
Whether you have to be up early or not, the approaching daylight can interrupt your sleep pattern, making it hard sleep in. Wearing a mask at night not only blocks out all distracting lights in the room, such as from the clock or TV, but also blocks out the rising sunlight in the room.

Days and nights mixed up
Sometimes one’s job requires them work at night and sleep during the day. This can be difficult for some, especially if it is a new job or they are on a rotating schedule. A sleeping mask blocks out the light to make them feel like they are in a dark room, helping them to fall asleep easier.

Post-traumatic stress disorder
Experts agree that a dark room contributes to better sleep. That is why it is recommended that sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder can benefit from comfort of eye masks for sleeping, as it is easier for them to relax and drift off.
Improving the quality of sleep
Sleep quality
Blocking out all the light may help you fall asleep easer and reduces the number of times that you awaken in the night.
When used in combination with earplugs, it can also increase the duration of REM sleep.
It is extremely easy to use the mask since it just slips on the head like a headband for the eyes.

Final word
Sleep masks improve the quality of your sleep, whether it is a full night’s rest or a quick nap during the day.

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