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How to put on eyeshadow like a professional?

This is a colour cosmetics for woman
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Preparing the eyes
The first stage in how to put on eyeshadow professionally is to ‘prep’ the eyes.
Start with a clean and moisturised face.Then ‘prep’ the eye using an eye primer, which will help to keep eyeshadow in place. Eye primers can also help to make the eyeshadow look more vibrant and stand out, as it is acting as ‘foundation for the eyes’, from which the eyeshadow application can then be done. You can also use a dab of concealer under the eyes if you have dark eye circles.Next, prepare the eyebrows by combing with an eyebrow brush, as unruly eyebrows can distract you from your makeup application. Making the eyes stand out
Applying eye make up professionally takes time and practice. You may have plenty of eye make up ideas in mind, but to apply certain eye shadows you should first take a look at what colour your eyes are. Certain eye shades suit certain eye shadows better than other colours. Here, the focus is on creating a smokey-eyed look.

You will need a dark eyeshadow or two of your choice, eyeliner and mascara to complete this look.
Taking a brown eyeshadow, take a clean make-up brush and swirl it in the colour, then sweep across the lower arches of the eyes.Follow this with a black eyeshadow across the lower eyelids, using the makeup to create a smokey eyeshadow effect. Using makeup such as a dark eyeshadow helps to add drama to the eyes, drawing attention to this area.
For the next part of the make up, during the application you will need a steady hand for this next step.
Take a liquid eyeliner and create a cat-eye flick on each side of your lashes. When applying make up such as liquid liner, a top makeup tip is to ‘set’ the liquid liner make up with eyeshadow. Other eyeshadow and eye make up tips include using a brush to angle the liner as you apply to the eyes and highlighting the lower inside lids with a white pencil, to make your eyes look larger.Finish with mascara. Remember to blend eyeshadow colors together well.
To learn more eyeshadow tips and makeup techniques, it is worth going to your local beauty store for professional advice, so you can enhance your beauty further through makeup.

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