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How to apply make up professionally

© Zbigniew Nowak mouth
© Zbigniew Nowak

When you start applying your make up, make sure your skin is naked. Exfoliate it gently and apply moisturiser. Now your skin is ready to have a base colour applied to it. If you have blemishes or bags under your eyes that you would like to hide, start by using a cover stick on these areas. Make sure the colour of the stick is lighter than your own skin tone. After this use a foundation that is close to your own skin colour. Apply this all over your face. If you are worried about lines on the side of your face, use a little moisturiser after applying the foundation. This will increase the natural effect of the make up.

Next you apply your eye make up. For a dramatic effect, use a black eyeliner. Draw a thin line as close to your eyelashes as you can. This is easiest if you pull your eye back slightly in the corner. If you want to go for a natural look, use brown eyeliner. For the bottom of the eyelid it is best to use a kohl pencil. Pull the skin down gently at the bottom of your eye. This makes it easier to apply the line.

For a smoky eyes effect, start by using a light colour on the inside of the eye, working your way to a darker colour over the eyelid. Next apply a coat of mascara. For a dramatic effect, wait till the mascara has dried and apply another coat.

Next you apply your blusher. Suck your cheeks in to reveal the cheekbone. To avoid using too much blusher, gently blow the brush before applying.

Finally you can apply your lip stick. If you have gone for a dramatic eye look, opt for lip gloss. This makes your lips look fuller, without looking too made up. If you want to go for a fuller colour, first apply a line of lipliner. Follow the natural contour of your lips, and then apply the lipstick.

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