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How to cover up dark circles under the eyes?

Day 3: The day in which you see my eyes
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Identifying the problem areas

The causes of dark circles under the eyes is not always due to tiredness. Whilst it can be a prime cause, other factors such as poor diet, bloating and vitamin K deficiency can all cause dark circles.


Dark under-eye circles are really just the cause of blood cells having to fit themselves into the tiny capillaries under the skin and moving into the surrounding areas. In the case of under the eyes, this area is so delicate (because of how thin the skin is), that the appearance of blue veins or the ‘bruising’ becomes visible, creating dark bags under the eyes.


Dark under eye circles can be unsightly and make you look worse than you really feel. It is therefore worth researching into the various dark circle treatments and options available to get rid of dark circles and to potentially remove or reduce bags from under the eyes.
Treatments for dark eye circles
There is no miracle cure for removing dark circles under the eyes. Using surgical procedures could indeed damage the capillaries underneath.

Although under the eyes bags can be surgically treated In various ways, the safest and cheapest option is to invest in a good eye cream to help reduce dark circles, while the best under eye concealer on the market is an instant concealer and a cure-all for bags under the eyes.

Good eye cream for dark circles can focus in on treating problem areas, for example puffy eye cream can help in reducing dark circles and their puffiness. Cucumber eye cream meanwhile can help to soothe and refresh the eyes if they’re feeling tired or strained.


A product which is recognised as showing significant results in helping to remove dark circles is the specially formulated Vita K which removes dark circles and blemishes from the skin.
Concealing dark circles and blemishes
Investing in the best under eye concealer from a recognised health and beauty store will help to cover a multitude of blemishes – from hiding dark spots under the eyes to working as a concealer for dark eye circles.


Choose an eye concealer with caffeine which helps in reducing puffiness and swelling under the eyes.

How to apply the eye concealer

Apply concealer liberally to the bottom half of the thin skin underneath the eye, patting gently with your fingertips.

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