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Facts about avon representatives work

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How to become an Avon representative
Online application
People who want to sell Avon products can do so by going to the Avon website and filling in an application form. Once the application form is completed, someone from Avon will get in touch with the applicant.

The majority of applicants will need to pay a small fee to join Avon. Avon sometimes has promotions where they offer free memberships. People who wait to sign up during one of these promotions will not have to pay any fees.

Starting business
Once an applicant has joined Avon, she will be sent various materials to get their business started. The starter pack includes brochures, product samples as well as training and advice on how to sell products.
Working as an Avon sales representative
The work
Once an Avon salesperson receives their starter pack, she is now free to sell Avon products. All the salesperson needs to do is order products from the brochure, deliver it to their customers and then pay Avon for the goods. Unlike other schemes, Avon does not require an upfront payment before they send out the goods.

Hours of work
People who work for Avon can choose the hours that they wish to work. Many stay at home parents have turned Avon into a full-time income. People who have day jobs tend to treat Avon as a part-time job. These people sell products when they come home from work or in the weekends.

Avon representatives also have the freedom to choose their customers. They can see products to their friends, families, colleagues or neighbors or they can choose to sell in an allocated area.

Avon is an easy product range to sell as it includes a wide range of well-priced cosmetics and fragrances. During the holiday season, there are also gift products customers can buy. As Avon has been around for so long, it is considered to be a trusted and well-known brand by consumers.

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