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Covid and tan, greater risks of sun damages for both the vaccinated and covid recovered

The people who recently recover from covid or received the vaccine are more at risk for sun damages when tanning.

This summer whoever received a Covid vaccine or recently recovered from it, will need to pay greater attention under the sun. Risk of contracting skin diseases are increased. Covid puts at risk your tan this summer.

Exposing our body for an extended time to sunshines’ ray may be really hazardous to all of those which recuperate from covid or recently obtained the jab vaccine.

For these subjects, epidermis problems may rise as a consequence of sun littering.

Covid and tan, sun effects on the skin

Dermatologists explain that it should be desirable a time window of few weeks from the vaccine or recover, before exposing to the sun.

In additional sunbathing should be gradual and always in combination with high sunscreen protection.

Ex Covid patients and recently vaccinated individuals, may present skin rash, erythema, urticaria or even skin cancer. UV radiations damage the DNA, incrementing therefore cellular stress. As a result, neoplasms may arise on the epidermic surface of hands, neck and truck.

How to protect from UV rays

To efficiently protect for UV rays, is fundamental the use of topical sunscreen. These can be of two types, with physical or chemical filters. Physical filters use a base of natural powder such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which is able to diffract UV rays. On the other side, chemical filters are able to absorb radiation while exposing to the sun.

Another really recommended suggestion is to not use sunscreen lower than 30. In addition, is suggested a systemic protection through oral supplements. In particular we’re speaking of polyphenol, vitamins, carotenoid – which owns anti carcinogenic properties.

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