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The best workout to slim butt and hips


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Whatever cardio option you choose, whether it cycling, swimming, running etc. apply HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training strategy to the workout. HIIT simply means dividing the session into intervals of high and low work rate.

A typical pattern would be, 1 minute high intensity followed by 2 minutes of low intensity training. The constant flux keeps the body from entering a comfort zone and therefore burns more calories.

Squat With Swiss Ball
This exercise will help tone the buttocks and lower back.

Pin the Swiss ball, an inflated plastic ball, between the curvature of your back and the wall. Keep knees bent, feet flat and shoulder-width apart. To perform the exercise, squat down, allowing the ball to roll up to 10 inches up your back. Feel the tension in your buttocks at the bottom of the squat as you hold it. Perform five to 12 reps of this exercise for muscle tone.

Butt Raises
To work and tone the butt muscles, perform the butt raise exercise with Swiss ball. Lay on your back and place your legs up on the Swiss ball. Keep your arms out across the floor for stability. Dig your heals into the Swiss ball as your elevate your body towards the ceiling. Tense your thigh and butt muscles as you reach the top of the arc and hold it for a moment. Perform five to 12 reps.

Lever Standing Hip Extension
Stand on the platform of the hip extension machine and turn to your side. Place your nearest leg up on the padded lever. To perform the exercise, push down on the lever all the way through to full extension behind your standing leg. After this movement, come all the way back up until your knee is higher than your hip. Perform at least ten reps on each leg.

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