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What tools do i need to create a dramatic eye makeup look?

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Tools required to create a dramatic make-up look
Grooming the eyebrows

When working on the eyes, most make-up artists prefer to work downwards from the eyebrows. The best way to start is by grooming the eyebrows. This can be done with a cheap tweezer purchased from a chemist. Those who do not tweeze their eyebrows will need to get them waxed or threaded so that an eyebrow pencil can be applied.

Sweeping powder under the eyes

Once this has been completed, it is time to use a fan shaped brush to sweep some powder under the eyes. This will be used to catch any excess eyeshadow which falls off the lashes. Missing this step could mean the eyeshadow blending in with the bags under the eyes which will make them more pronounced.

Working on the eyelids

After working on the eyebrows, it is time to move on to the eyelids. A selection of large and small eyeshadow brushes will be needed when working on this section. The larger brush will be used to apply the base colours up towards the eyebrows. The smaller brush will be used to apply additional colours and any details or designs.

Applying the eyeliner

The next step in the process is to apply eyeliner. Most make-up stores sell a small brush to apply eyeliner with. This should be used when one is working with liquid eyeliner. Pencil liners can be applied directly from the pencil.

Applying the mascara

When applying mascara, a mascara brush must be used. This will make sure that the mascara is spread evenly on all of the lashes.
Clean up tools required
People who want a great make-up look will need to have some clean up tools on hand. These tools should include:
Baby wipes
Cotton pads
Cotton buds
This will help to clean up the make-up if any mistakes are made. Cotton buds are generally used to clean up eyeshadow and eyeliner mistakes and they are very effective in taking eye make-up off.

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