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What to look for when buying a hair dryer stand

The young woman stacks hair by means of a hair drier
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Easy to use
Choose one that allows you to pop your blow dryer in and out easily. The blow dryer holder part of the stand should allow you to use any size hair dryer. It should also hold the hair dryer securely so it does not slip out once the neck is angled. Flexible neck Look for one with a flexible neck that will bend at any angle you want. That will allow you to direct the hair dryer up, down, and at any angle needed. Makes sure to test the neck if possible before purchasing to ensure it is easy to angle and stays in place once in the position you want.
It is important that you choose a stand that is secure and stable while using it, even if you happen to bump it while doing your hair. Look for one that has a pressure grip lock on the bottom to secure itself firmly when in use. The pressure grip lock should lock firmly in place whether you use it on the floor or on the counter top.
Adjustable height
One of the problems people run into when looking at hair dryer holders their height. It is important to select one that has an adjustable height, especially if you are a tall person. That will allow you to blow dry your hair comfortably, without having to bend at the knees and straining your back while styling.
Space saver

It is important to be able to store the stand away easily, especially if you have limited room in your bathroom. Choose one that will fold up and back away easily, without taking up too much space. Another nice feature to look for in hair dryer stands is portability.


If you do a lot of travelling, being able to take it with you wherever you go is a nice advantage. Never again will you have to struggle to get your hair looking how you want whether at home or away. The hair dryer stand gives you a hands free advantage to have great looking hair every time you blow dry it.

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