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How to grow your hair long in no time at all?

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The importance of a healthy diet
Hair is made of protein, most notably keratin. To grow new hair you must feed and nourish the hair follicles to enable fast hair growth. It doesn’t matter if you take the best hair growing vitamins or wash your hair using the best hair growing products on the market, if you don’t evaluate your diet, you will never achieve rapid hair growth. Eating plenty of protein rich foods containing B vitamins such as pantothenic acid, biotin and folic acid which help in providing vital nutrients for faster hair growth. These can be found in foods like eggs, cheese, lean meats (or pulses and soya if you’re a vegetarian) and green vegetables such as spinach.
A good hair care routine
Fast growing hair is best produced with a great hair care routine which nourishes and protects your follicles. To grow your hair faster, tailor your hair routine to your needs, for example if you’re losing your hair or it is thinning, you will need to use a product which specializes in this, by using a shampoo for hair loss. If you have damaged, dry or brittle hair, then an intensive hair care regime with moisturizing conditioners, such as a leave-in conditioner can help in promoting your natural hair growth. Different types of hair need different kinds of care. Black hair growth for example can be difficult to obtain, as the hair tends to be more porous and therefore dry, making it difficult to style. Black hair loss is fairly common, which is why this type of hair has to be given extra care and treatment.
Vitamin supplements for hair growth and why patience is a virtue
There are many hair loss vitamins, thinning hair vitamins and hair and nail vitamins which can make a difference in achieving the best hair regrowth. Good vitamins for your hair will be protein based and will help to grow back your hair quickly. Black hair vitamins are also popular, as they contain specific vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids which can, over time, help condition dry and broken hair. Don’t despair, growing longer hair takes a significant time, but you will look back in a few months and see a difference. Small trims every six-eight weeks will also help to keep it tidy as you start to grow your hair fast.

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