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How to use nair for men

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© Tomasz Trojanowski
How to use Nair for men
Firstly it is important that a user does a spot test on his arm.
This can be done by applying a small amount of cream to the forearm and watching it attentively to see how the skin reacts.
If the skin is itchy, irritable or burns, the user will have to find another product or method of hair removal.
Some people have sensitive skin which can have an allergic reaction to the chemicals in depilatory creams.

After having applied the cream
Once this has been done, the user should take a shower in order to open up his hair follicles.
This cream works by dissolving the hair underneath the surface of the skin.
The results generally last for three or four weeks.

Important point to remember
After having a shower, the user can apply the cream to areas of the body they want to remove hair from.
They will then need to leave the cream on for approximately 5 minutes.
The user must read the instructions that came with the product and follow them exactly.
People who do not do this can wind up with burns.

Last step
The area that has been covered with the cream can now be rinsed off.
Stubborn hairs can be tackled by using a wet washcloth to wipe the cream off. Once this step has been completed, you will need to wash off the remaining cream with soap and water.
Other methods of hair removal
Final word
While using Nair for men is a good option, there are many other methods of hair removal that men can use.
Those who have a good threshold for pain can consider waxing.
This will produce longer lasting results.
Also, men can shave their body. However, shaving does lead to ingrown hairs and laser burn.
Those who want a more permanent solution should consider laser hair removal.
This method is best suited to men who have fair skin and dark hair.

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