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How to have a baby boy

© Jon Ovington (Flickr) Cousin Kim New Born Baby Boy
© Jon Ovington (Flickr)
Track your ovulation system
The Y gene from the male is the gene that will determine whether you conceive a boy or not. Whilst women can only produce an X gene, thus can only have girls, it is all left up to what they man may contribute. However, the woman can do her part by keeping tabs on when she ovulates, her menstrual cycle and keeping her base body temperature at the right setting.

The Y bearing sperm swim faster than the X ones and also die out quicker. So, if you would like to try to have a boy, you need to make sure that those little guys can get up to the ovum quickly and effortlessly just in time to fertilise the egg during ovulation. This includes positions such as the rear entry or having the woman’s bum raised-up upon a pillow while she is on her back to allow the sperm a more direct ride down towards the cervix.

Men should avoid ejaculating for 4-5 days before ovulation so there can be a high concentration, all ready to do their work and increase the chances of success. Have sexual intercourse about 12 hours prior to ovulation, if calculations have been minded, in terms of basal body temperature and other relevant factors. Women should also be sure to have an orgasm as this will, in turn, help move the sperm quickly towards the waiting egg.
Diet and other helpful hints
Diet plays a big part in how many X and Y chromosomes will be created. If you want to be sure to create as many Y sperm as you can, you will need to eat a lot of meat, specifically red meat. Salty snacks like chips are another good food item to add to your list and you can up your intake of caffeine as well.

Other tips to remember for help with how to make a baby boy are to wear lose fitting underwear such as boxers as these allow the scrotum to stay cool. Avoid having sex on the odd days of the month as these are more associated with creating girls. Try having sex standing up, avoiding intercourse on a full moon and tracking the best conception time with the Chinese Gender Chart.

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