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How to naturally lower blood pressure?

1. Give Up Smoking
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Smoking allows nicotine through your lungs, and directly into your bloodstream. This sudden burst of nicotine increases you blood pressure significantly, so giving up smoking, or at least cutting down is a key way to lowering blood pressure.
2. Lose Weight/Keep Healthy
If you are overweight, a good diet and exercise regime is a great way to dramatically decrease your blood pressure. Being overweight heightens the tendency to have high cholesterol in your blood, which in turn raises blood pressure. Eating healthily and having the recommended 30 minutes per day of exercise will keep your pressure in check.
3. Lower Sodium, Caffeine and Alcohol
Sodium, or salt, is necessary in small quantities, however, over-indulging is very bad for your blood vessels and heart, and is sometimes deadly. The sensible option is to take approximately the recommended daily amount of salt per day, rather than risking hypertension.

Caffeine and Alcohol have a cumulative effect, a little bit every so often is alright, however, if taken in large quantities and every day, or at least a couple of times a week, then you could be unknowingly raising your blood pressure. If you are a wine-lover, or are quite often in a social situation involving alcohol, then try and stick to the recommended units of alcohol per day/per week. This will help in keeping the pressure at a suitable level. As or caffeine, try to cut out energy drinks, as these are high in caffeine.
4. Relaxation
Many people believe in the natural healing properties of the mind. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, self-hypnosis etc. are all effective at slowing down your heart rate, which will temporarily lower your blood pressure.
5. Drink Water
Water is the fabric of life, we can’t live without it. Try to sustain a 2 litre per day routine with water.

Water is proven to be a natural medication and treatment, cleanse your body of toxins, and accelerate natural healing. Some people have reported being on a water fast, and being cured of many afflictions. A healthy balance of water, and all of the above, will help to keep your blood pressure at a balanced level.

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