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How to increase your height?

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© dmountain.com (Flickr)
Height exercises
A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and ample height-inducing exercises is a good start towards growing tall. Growth spurts occur during the younger years (0-5) and during puberty. Research suggests that exercising during puberty increases both levels of lactic acid in the body and muscle mass, consequently stimulating tissue growth, resulting in increased height.

Exercising can help increase your height and you can even grow taller within two ways:

Spine lengthening exercises

You can work on lengthening your spine by stretching, swimming or simply hanging on bars .

Leg strengthening exercises

You can achieve increased height by maximising the length of your legs. Try skipping every day with a rope at home. Other activities like jumping, kicking, cycling and jumping can augment your leg length, resulting in your growing taller naturally.
Balanced and healthy lifestyle
A balanced and healthy lifestyle is a vital factor that supplements a healthy life and the obvious answer to your question how to become tall?

A wholesome diet, enriched with all the required nutrients, will go a long way to enriching your life and could perhaps even help you become taller. Studies reveal that consuming foods rich in Vitamin A, proteins and zinc can increase your height.
Shoes can make you tall
Lots of women look tall, stylish and elegant in high heels. They not only increase height, but also provides an aid for good posture. Women wear heels as tall as four, or even six inches, high and this is indeed an easy remedy to gain instant height.

Men, on the other hand, can wear elevated shoes to achieve the same result. Elevated shoes are shoes with thickened insoles beneath the heels that can be made of rubber, plastic or even wood. These ideal height enhancers are an instant solution to all height problems.
Yogic Methods
Your body height is determined by the length of your bones. Performing yogic poses or asanas will help you gain more flexibility, improve posture and align your spine properly, resulting in a toned and healthy body with increased core strength, stamina and an expansion in space (allowing your spine and bones to grow better).

Yoga is the panacea for bad posture, stooping shoulders and saggy muscles; some of the main reasons why people appear short.

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