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How to hypnotize someone?

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The basics of hypnosis
When learning the basics of hypnosis you need to learn how to relax someone.


Start by having them in a comfortable chair or sofa and have them focus on an object while you talk to them softly.
Count from 10 to 1 and with each number you say to them, add in a short sentence about how they feel relaxed and calm. You can say something such as, "You can feel your arms becoming limp and your eyes becoming heavy." Tell them how with every breathe they take they are breathing out all of the tension in their body.,

Once you reach the number 1 you can do a little test by telling them they cannot open their eyes and no matter how hard they try it won’t be possible. Tell them that if they believe it, it will happen.
Then try to get them to open their eyes on the count of three and see what happens.
If they can open their eyes and focus, then you need to do more relaxation techniques and if they can’t, job well done.


Once you get past that part and they are relaxed, you can focus on having them do things such as focusing on a diet or not smoking. If it is sexual hypnosis you are undertaking, and the other party is willing, have them do something that you both agreed on beforehand.
Hypnotizing others
You can hypnotize most anyone. As long as they can relax and listen to your commands, you can even do it on the phone. The only difference is that you will ask them what is happening instead of seeing it with your own eyes.

You can use hypnosis for a lot of things such as helping someone stop smoking or even as a sexual aid between two consenting adults. The options are limitless as long as you practice with someone and take it seriously.
The myths of hypnosis
When learning how to hypnotize someone, it is important to know that there is no such thing as secret hypnosis or covert hypnosis.

You can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do under hypnosis.

Be sure that you can go about hypnotizing women, as long as it is with their consent. Hypnosis power is strong but only for those who actually believe in it.

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