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How to tell if I am depressed?

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Symptoms of depression
Depression questionnaire
If you have been feeling down or know someone who is feeling sad for a long time now ( more than to weeks) , it is necessary that you do a self-check with an online depression test or simply check yourself or a person you would live to help with a depression symptoms test.

Behavioral traits associated with depression include:

1. Mood swings, increased irritability and frustration
2. Spending less time with friends and family, staying sad and lonely
3. Loss of interest in food, exercise, sex or any other pleasurable activities
4. Increased physical health ailments such as fatigue or pain or insomnia
5. Increased consumption of alcohol or drug abuse
6. Slowing down of thoughts and actions
7. Reckless behavior or sudden outbursts of temper for no reason.

Chronic depression
Also known as dysthamia, it is considered a milder form of depression. People afflicted with this type of depression are able to carry on their day-to-day activities without too much difficulty. However, they remain constantly unhappy. The symptoms of depression subside in a short period of time to resurface repeatedly.

Often, a sad event, death or loss of a loved one is the natural cause for depression. People with chronic depression are typically affected by years of neglect or abuse in childhood, excessive stress or it could also be caused due to chronic illnesses like AIDS, Parkinson’s disease or cardiac anomalies.
Ways to manage depression
Get Healthy
The most common cause for depression is stress and anxiety. A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind.

Practice slow breathing exercises or practice yoga to calm your senses and to maintain a balance in both body and mind.
Learn and practice relaxation techniques and meditate for at least 10 minutes everyday.
Occupy your mind with things that make you happy and calm your nerves.
Additionally, research suggests that inadequate sleep leads to irritability, fatigue and lack of concentration. Ensure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday and try to maintain a balanced sleep schedule.

Remain Active
We have all heard of the saying " An idle mind is a devil’s workshop". Hence, it is important to engage your mind and body in productive ways. Surround yourself with friends and family, talk to them and enjoy a healthy social life. Being optimistic attracts all good things to your life, stay positive.

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