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What to expect from child care courses

© Raia (Fotolia) mother and daughter #9
© Raia (Fotolia)
Option 1. College courses
Course such as cache and BTEC can be studied at college and are built-up of different units covering a wide range of areas involved in working with children. You would need to spend time working hands-on in a child care setting to gain experience. Childcare course such as these will give you great experience to work in a nursery setting.

This type of course is great as a stepping stone if you wish to go to university for further education. They allow you to have contact with a tutor throughout your studies but will require you to be in full time education. For more information, look at the cache website.
Option 2. NVQ
Vocational courses are run by companies such as smart training. The NVQ level 2 and NVQ 3 can be done while you do childcare work.This allows you to earn a living, gain experience and a train at the same time.

You will initially have to attend a introduction session and then you will see your tutor in the setting and at weekend sessions to help you in achieving your NVQ training. Your tutor will observe you while you are in the setting and work with you in order to cover and achieve each unit which you are supposed to cover.

These courses are ideal if you wish to work in a nursery. You can also cover the course within 18 months or longer if necessary while only studying part-time.
Option 3. Online courses
There are online childcare and education courses which you could take to gain the experience needed to work in a preschool or before going on to a level 3 qualification. The knowledge you will gain from doing these courses will be basic, but they are a great starting point and great as a course to follow in the evenings if you have children.

The length of time it takes to to complete this type of childcare training is up to you depending on the amount of time you can devote to it.

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