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Where can I buy cheap baby bottle sterilizer?

© Robert S. Donovan (Flickr) baby monitor LEDs
© Robert S. Donovan (Flickr)
Buying online
The types of sellers
The best way to access various brands and types of baby bottle sterilizers at a wide range of prices is through the web.
This is inclusive of new and used ones.
Sellers range from retailers with physical shops, online retailers only, wholesalers and enterprising mummies.
The last three types of sellers are your best bets for discounts.

Online sellers
You don’t have to wait for the sale season to shop with online sellers.
Sellers who import directly are the ones who can give you retail goods at low prices. Sellers like these usually specialise in baby products.
The other advantage is that you can order right from your own home and have it delivered to you.
When you find a good one (offering you discounts of 30 per cent and above), bookmark it.

It may be impossible for you to order from a wholesaler as you need to purchase in bulk.
This is only feasible if you are so passionate that you plan to be a seller yourself. If so, having an audience of prospective customers is key.

Enterprising mummies
This group should be easy for you to relate to.
They simply want to discard items that are no longer in use for some pocket money.
There is no reason why you can’t buy from them if the items are in good condition.
If unsure, ask for a rating on a scale of one to ten.
Clear images, as well as a description of the current condition of a particular item should be present.
Delivery is usually one of the options available to you. Items are usually non exchangeable, nor is your payment refundable.
Buying at stores
Final word
You can wait for the sale season, but there is no guarantee on how much you will be discounted for the steam or microwave sterilizers that you are looking at.
10 to 20 per cent discounts are simply not attractive enough.
Instead, sign up for a website that avails you to warehouse clearances for deep discounts.

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