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How to do your own blood type test

© Bram J. Meijer blood
© Bram J. Meijer
Blood types
Blood groups

According to the International Society of Blood Transfusion, there are currently 30 different blood groups known in a grouping called ABO and 50 groups in a grouping called the Rh system. Some groups are more common than others.

The system called ABO grouping simplifies the groups into four main groups called, A, B, AB and O. Under these four main groups there are subgroups, which make up the 30 groups known. Examples of these are, AB negative, O negative, O positive blood, B positive blood, etc.

The Rh system has similar symbols for its rh blood type such as, rh negative blood and rh positive.

Blood work is very complex. The many symbols, types, and the varying makeups of the blood cells can be confusing. With a simple blood test, you can learn what your blood type is and what that means for you.
Blood test
Blood test kits

A blood type test kit can be purchased from pharmacies. In the essential home kit you will receive, an eldoncard (which is where you will smear the blood), 4 eldon sticks (for sucking out the blood),
1 automatic lancet (which will break the skin). a swab, a cotton ball, a plastic pipette, and an instruction sheet. You must use the eldon-card within one day once it have been exposed to air.

How to do?

Simply piece the skin, use the sticks to smear the blood on the card, and wait. Your blood grouping will soon be determined. The blood will ‘clump’ together in the section in which it your blood group. The blood typing kit is very accurate.

Final word

There is much to be learned for discovering your blood type. Your type is a inherited combination from both parents. It is said that your personality can be determined by your blood type. This can be important when prescribing drugs like anti-depressants.

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