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How to induce labour at home?

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Castor oil can start contractions
Castor oil is recommended by some experts for women who want to induce labour at home.They believe that ingestion of small amounts of Castor oil, after the pregnant woman surpasses the 36th week of pregnancy may have beneficial effects. However, there is no direct connection with the uterus, but rather an indirect stimulation through the intestine, which comes in contact with the uterus.

Castor oil appears to be effective only when the woman’s body and is ready to go into labour. However, some doctors do not recommend castor oil because it can cause diarrhea.
Diet tricks to start labour
The natural ways to induce labour include fruits, spices, herbs and oils. It seems that some foods can start contractions or at least tone up the cervix, which will lead to a quick labour and a safe birth.


Try tropical fruits such as kiwi, mango and pineapple. They contain enzymes that could cause contractions. Many women say that spicy foods have helped them induce labour at home.


Be careful, though, because they might cause indigestion, too! It is also known that herbs like blue and black cohosh and castor oil can be used to induce labour. These shouldn’t be used without consulting your doctor first. They might have side effects and lead to potential complications.
Use acupressure to induce labour
Acupressure involves pressing specific points on an individual’s skin. It is considered as a natural technique to induce labour, doesn’t affect the mother or child and has no side effects. Like other natural labour induction techniques, it is useful when the body is ready.
Relaxation might help labour induction
Labour will not start if the future mother is tensed and stressed. Make a warm bath, try massage and aromatherapy, eat dinner at a fancy restaurant or walk in the park. If the deadline is approaching, women should try not to get overwhelmed by emotions that arise around birth, especially if the pregnancy has had no complications. If the body is relaxed, there are high chances for labour to begin.

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