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Sleep apnea pillows: the facts

© Jose and Roxanne (Flickr) C-PAP Turndown
© Jose and Roxanne (Flickr)
Sleep apnea pillows for CPAP users
Pillow style
There are two basic styles of CPAP pillows made to accommodate different mask types and sleep habits. The pillows have contoured sections or indented areas that fit your mask and nose, allowing you to sleep in your favorite position and get a good night’s rest.

Core pillows
Designed by CPAP users, the core pillow has a side panel that stops the edge of the pillow from collapsing. Comfortable for stomach and side sleepers, the side panel keeps the sleep apnea mask to the side of the pillow. These hypoallergenic pillows are filled with synthetic down and are available in three heights and also a mini size, perfect for travel.

Contour pillows
A contour pillow has a cut out area on each side of the pillow to accommodate the CPAP mask. This type of pillow keeps the mask from pressing into your face while you are sleeping on your side or stomach. It also minimises mask air leakage, supports the natural curve of your spine and improves the alignment of your airway.

Material used
Contour pillows are made of a molded thick foam base or hypoallergenic polyester filling and are comfortable for back, stomach and side sleepers.
Pillows to reduce snoring
Certain types of pillows help reduce both primary snoring and mild sleep apnea snoring. These pillows position your head in a way that opens up your airway, allowing smooth uninterrupted breathing. They keep your neck supported and extended stopping your tongue from blocking your airway.

Comfort and protection
Considered a non-invasive form of sleep apnea treatment, these pillows hold your head comfortably, relieving the pressure from your arms and shoulders. Their design also restricts movement, keeping you from turning onto your back while you are sleeping.

Final word
Sleep apnea can be a very serious, life threatening condition. Always check with a medical professional if you think your snoring is due to sleep apnea.

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