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The work of the National sleep foundation

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General Information
The National Sleep Foundation studies plethora of problems associated with adult sleeping problems. This includes sleeping patterns and stress, insomnia, sleep apnea, obesity and sleep, and even particular health condition’s relationship with sleep. The adult studies show the importance of sleep and tips on how to get a good sleep.

Specific Studies
This foundation conducts studies and collects statistical data related to issues with sleep and even statistics on adults getting enough sleep. For instance, a poll conducted in 2010 shows the pre-bedtime habits and lack of sleep in different ethnicities. One piece of information found through this study was that Hispanics are more likely to lose sleep due to financial and other life problems.

Another sleep study indicates that sleep problems are potentially a problem that increased one’s chances of obesity. Besides these two studies, the association looks at ways to get a better night sleep such as the proper pillows and bed, tips on creating a proper bedtime routine and items to avoid close to bedtime.
General Information
The National Sleep Foundation even studies the health of kids sleep and problems associated with children and sleep. Tips for helping your infant fall asleep on his or her own and tips to help your baby sleep through the fight are available. Even tips for creating an ideal sleep environment for any age child or infant is accessible via the association.

Specific Studies
There’s a possibility of a correlation between obesity and short nighttime sleeps in children under five, states the National Sleep Foundation. The study was conducted by Janice F. Bell, Ph.D., M.P.H., of the University of Washington, Seattle and Frederick J. Zimmerman, Ph.D., of the University of California, Los Angeles and showed evidence that habitually shortened sleep duration may cause children’s obesity.
Health Conditions and Other Information
Finding the sleep patterns and problems associated with individuals with certain conditions is another task of the National Sleep Foundation. This charitable organisation studies a wide range of health conditions and its effect on sleep. This is includes mood-related conditions such as depression, sleep disorders and pregnancy.

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