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Millions unable to get flu jab causing Covid combination concerns

Millions of people couldn't get a flu jab after supplies ran out following Government warnings to get it to avoid a dangerous combination wiith Covid.

Millions unable to get flu jabs leading to concerns over dangerous combination with Covid.

Millions of people couldn’t get a flu jab after supplies ran out following Government warnings to get it to avoid a dangerous combination of the flu and Covid.

Flu Jabs Run Out Causing Covid Concerns

Boots released a statement this morning: “Unfortunately we have had to suspend bookings for the Winter Flu Jab Service. Due to unprecedented demand for flu vaccinations this year and stock availability we have had to suspend bookings.​​​​​​​ “We are working hard to acquire additional stock of the flu vaccine so that we are able to make appointments available again.”

People are being allowed to sign up for notifications to find out when the jabs will next be available. It is understood that some in the most vulnerable categories still managed to get their flu jabs.

Problems in flu jab stock have not been limited to just Boots as GPs and other pharmacies reported similar problems in supplying the increasing demand.

During an interview with Kay Burley on Sky News Health Secretary Matt Hancock was asked if the flu vaccine was being rationed, he replied: “We have record amounts of flu vaccine in the country. I’m also very pleased to see that having launched the flu programme this week we have record amounts of demand for it, that is a very good thing. In the first instance, the flu vaccine must go to the clinically most vulnerable which is the over 65s and those with other health conditions. But then we intend to roll it out more broadly after that.”

Pushed on whether the country had enough flu jab supplies, he said: “We have 30 million doses, that is more than enough for all the people who are vulnerable…and once we have got the doses as much as possible to the most vulnerable, then we will roll it out to others, for instance of working age. Given that we have 30 million doses, I want to make sure that they are available for the people to whom flu can kill.”

Speaking on the same matter, the deputy chief medical officer for England, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said: “Flu can be deadly and it is easily spread in children and adults. The vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from becoming ill with the flu, especially if you are in a vulnerable group. This winter with Covid still circulating, and the increased risk to life if you are ill with both viruses simultaneously, it is even more vital to get the free jab as soon as you can.”


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