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Sicily's beautiful beaches: Vendicari and Lido di Noto

Today we give you a couple of tips for the best beaches in Sicily.
There are many remote paradises to choose from, one of which is the San Lorenzo beach at Marzamemi.
It’s in the south-east part of Sicily near Pachino, south of Noto and Avola, and north of Capo Passero.

On Beach describes San Lorenzo beach as small but with fine, white sand.
The beach and water is clean, with the sea being a clear blue colour.
North of San Lorenzo beach is also the Vendicari beach (receiving a “bandiera blu” for the cleanest beaches for 2009), located in the Vendicari national park in Sicily.

For a little nature, Vendicari has lake where flamingos stop during migration and historic tuna farm ruins.
Vendicari has a dedicated beach area five kilometres from the town with fine gold sand and a lovely road along the coast.
Happy beach hunting this Italian summer!

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