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Italian beaches

Sardinia's top beaches: Tuerredda

20 April, 2020
One of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches is the Tuerredda beach in the south-east of Sardegnatura Capo Malfatano and Capo Spartivento. This Italian beach is located about seven kilometres from Teulada and is described by Giro di Vento as being about…

Italian nightlife: Notte Rosa at Rimini

12 April, 2020
Rimini’s Notte Rosa took place on Saturday, involving the entire Emilia Romagna riviera, from Comacchio to Cattolica. More than 300 free events took place from dusk to dawn, including concerts, games, dinners and beach discos.Rimini was the location for artists…

Italy's best beaches: the Marina at Viareggio in Tuscany

11 April, 2020
Tuscany is not just famous for its historic cities of art like Florence and Siena, it also has the most beautiful coastline, if you’re looking for a beach holiday in Italy. Viareggio is located in the province of Lucca, in…

Classic beaches in Italy: a summer holiday at Grado

10 April, 2020
When I was learning Italian, we had a lesson on beach culture and Italian beaches which included the strange concept of change rooms, sun beds and rows on rows of beach umbrellas. This fantastic photo is proof of that, showing…

Italy's beach castle at Isola Capo Rizzuto in Calabria

28 March, 2020
Planning your next summer vacation to Italy? Keep this enchanting Italian beach in Calabria in mind if you’re planning on visiting Italy’s southern coast. Calabria has beautiful seaside locations and this is definitely one. Le Castella, at Isola Capo Rizzuto,…

Italy's best beaches: Porto Pino in Sardinia

25 March, 2020
You can start planning your summer holidays in Italy already, perhaps with a visit to Sardinia on the cards. This beautiful island offers unforgettable landscapes and a crystalline sea. While some parts of Sardinia are very much on the tourist…

Italy's best beaches: top ten for 2011 summer in Italy

22 March, 2020
Summer in Italy spoils us for choice over the best Italian beaches from the north to the south, including some beautiful secluded spots on Italy’s islands. While August often seems like a bum’s rush to get your spot on the…

Sicily's beautiful beaches: Vendicari and Lido di Noto

15 March, 2020
Today we give you a couple of tips for the best beaches in Sicily. There are many remote paradises to choose from, one of which is the San Lorenzo beach at Marzamemi. It’s in the south-east part of Sicily near…