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Bruce Springsteen encore finishes in court: Claudio Trotta not guilty

Talking about George Clooney in court in Italy, another case has just been resolved that indirectly involved one of the world’s most famous rock stars, Bruce Springsteen.
Last year, “The Boss” was in concert at Milan’s San Siro stadium and the Italian promoter of the event, Claudio Trotta, allowed for a 22-minute encore that went over Milan’s laws of noise at night.

After 46 residents filed complaints against the concert going over time, Claudio Trotta found himself in court.
He was absolved of the crime by a court last week, though, and can walk away relieved, but knowing that the relationship between musical events of this kind, residents and authorities is a precarious one.

In fact, the incident has had the virtually immediate effect of limiting concerts at San Siro.
In the video above, you can see part of the 22-minute encore.

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