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New Garelli Outlet for scooter range

Garelli Outlet is a new sales channel from Garelli that will distribute the company’s scooters.
Garelli Outlet points differentiate themselves from the traditional network because they distribute two specific product ranges.
Scooters sold through the outlets, found in major distribution groups, will use the same services of the traditional network.

The outlet range includes the Ciclone 50, Capri 50 LX, Noi 125 and 150i, and from June the brand new Rider 50.
The Ciclone 50 is a functional base model with underseat storage, and is ideal for vacations, for example to include with your caravan or boat.

The Capri LX50 is a young model for cool girls who want an original and colourful model that reflects American style.
Custom instruments, four-stroke engine and underseat storage are all part of this model.

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